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Ever since my horse notebook at age 5, I've been telling stories. 

From long-winded high school fiction pieces to an eventual creative writing/playwriting concentration in college along with a plethora positions at the Michigan Daily, I've recognized all I want to do is write. 

Between creative fiction & nonfiction, arts/food/immersion journalism and of course — iPhone note poems I'm always writing something, with the intention to go into creative writing/lifestyle journalism as a career. 

I am a senior at the University of Michigan studying theatre/creative writing with concentrations in playwriting and administrative entertainment producing.

When I'm not writing (rare) you can find me reading, eating peanut butter with a spoon and going on some sort of dramatic outdoor run. 


The Michigan Daily Statement Columnist/ Food Columnist 

New York Minute Magazine Editorial Intern 

Cliche Mag Editorial Intern 

Coming soon (fingers crossed!) —> debut fiction novel, short story collection, future plans 

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